Law’s Pluralities ׀ Review

Law’s Pluralities and the Place of Law among the Plurality of Normativities

Plurality of Law: Topics and Disciplines

The conference Law’s Pluralities. Cultures, Narratives, Images, Genders was outstanding for a number of reasons. It reflected the complexity and richness of the recent debates in the interdisciplinary field of law and normativity. More precisely, scholars, artists, and intellectuals from many different disciplines contributed ideas and projects in an informal setting and thereby promoted an exchange that mirrored the need of a variety of approaches. At the same time one of the most important characteristics of the conference was the conceptual framing that opened the rather traditional field of jurisprudence in continental Europe, predominantly assessed by lawyers, to methodologies of other academic disciplines (such as literature, philosophy, etc.). The goal was to analyse the main issues that concern the policies and cultures of law beyond the mere juristic horizon.

The conference – attended and created by lawyers involved with interdisciplinary studies as well as by scholars with a background in literature, philosophy, history, sociology, theatre etc. – created a fertile intellectual atmosphere where law was analysed from very different angles.

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Photography by: Danae Gallo González, Raul Gschrey & Silke Schmidt